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Regardless of whether to disestablish the Church of England

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Should Giles Fraser be cautious for what he wishes (Disestablishment of the congregation is presently fundamental and unavoidable, 8 September)? Indeed, even Richard Dawkins has contemplated on the oddity of America where a hole amongst chapel and state (demanded by the establishing fathers) has only left a vacuum into which have poured a thousand Elmer Gantrys offering religion like a scam to an artless populace and doing out of it.

Maybe as somebody raised in the C of E yet now a mellow nonbeliever, I shouldn’t enter my pooch in this race. However, it’s constantly appeared to me that the resounding dialect of the King James Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, the blending psalms and the hallowed traditional music are the in addition to purposes of Anglicanism. Does Fraser wish to join the scrum of evangelicals seeking piece of the overall industry by offering supernatural occurrences, healings, talking in tongues, blacking out in the soul of the Lord, throwing out fallen angels, singing tunes that sound like sections for Eurovision and, in some evil cases, attempting to separate families?

David Redshaw

Gravesend, Kent

I used to disclose to myself that I’d join the Church of England when it disestablished until the point that I understood I’d be dead before that happened. Presently moving toward retirement, I plan to look for an exchange to the Church in Wales, which has been disestablished for a long time, and whose seat of clerics a year ago voted to certify same-sex connections. Official measurements demonstrate the CinW had 206,000 participants in 2015, contrasted with 152,000 the earlier year, which looks truly great close by Giles Fraser’s attestation that he doesn’t “trust that disestablishment will restore the numerical fortunes of the congregation”!

Fr Alec Mitchell

Denton, Manchester

• You report (5 September) that now under half of the British populace proclaim a religious confidence. Most likely we should change in accordance with this reality? The expressions of our national song of devotion, God Save the Queen, must ring empty to the dominant part who are skeptics or agnostics. The saved seats for Anglican priests in the House of Lords are a peculiarity in an organization that is itself an erroneous date. A significant number of our town schools are “confidence” schools, however likely at any rate half of the understudies who go to them (and their folks) have no religious confidence. On 11 November we recollect the individuals who kicked the bucket in war. Around the nation this demonstration of recognition will appear as a religious administration, however maybe a larger part of the individuals who wish to participate don’t have faith in God. The time is ready to disestablish the Church of England in acknowledgment of developing secularization.

John Boaler

Calne, Wiltshire

• Isn’t what Giles Fraser depicts for the eventual fate of a disestablished Anglican church as of now in presence and accessible to all? Communism!

Gary Bennett


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