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Educator Marilyn Leask infers that Teach First accepts impeded students merit the minimum qualified instructors (Letters, 13 December).

Truth be told, we exist to ensure that youngsters in low-salary zones have incredible educators. Every one of our members procure completely qualified educator status and a postgraduate certificate in instruction over a two-year preparing program. We are pleased that our scholastically thorough program is composed and conveyed in organization with driving UK colleges. Research supports all our work as a philanthropy, incorporating our postgraduate certificate in training.

There are many courses into instructing, and these can and should supplement each other, not contend. The critical thing is that they deliver awesome educators to help kids to achieve their potential. Like all educators, our members are submitted experts who need to do the best for their understudies. What’s more, we are enchanted that free research by the Institute of Education has demonstrated that Teach First educators positively affect understudy brings about distraught schools.

Russell Hobby

CEO, Teach First

• I am appreciative to Catherine Pepinster (Ofsted isn’t right to condemn confidence schools, 14 December) for name-checking the Accord Coalition. We unashamedly crusade for a conclusion to choice in school affirmation arrangements in light of the fact that in this undeniably perilous and unverifiable world it is essential that all perspectives, confidence and non-confidence, are given the chance to partake in the indispensably vital errand of instruction – on a level playing field.

It is without a doubt wrong on a fundamental level that one specific segment of society, or confidence custom, ought to be permitted by law to work particular approaches in their schools, and subsequently be given the chance to oppress and prohibit the individuals who don’t share their perspectives.

What’s more, if, as Ms Pepinster states, it is really the case that the Catholic church quit assembling new schools in light of the fact that the half top decision infringed upon its ordinance law then it is without a doubt group law, and not government approach, that necessities to change.

Rev Stephen Terry

Individual from Accord Coalition controlling gathering

• Discouraging as it is to discover the Ucas confirmations uncovering that understudies on free school suppers were half as liable to go to college (Poorer grade school students progressively left behind, 15 December), it ought not be an astonishment to the vast majority of us. At the point when the County of Avon still existed (up to March 1996) its training office had gathered and broke down information identifying with appraisal. Along these lines, and still, after all that we knew at key stage 2 that the elements connected to Sats comes about were: free school dinners (higher execution for the individuals who did not have them); sex (young ladies performed superior to young men); month of birth (right on time in school year better than late months).

A few territories, similar to London, followed up on this learning and enhanced issues significantly. As the Guardian has found, a few schools break this example of execution. Clearly what we ought to do is publicizing what they do to accomplish this and urging others to stick to this same pattern. This should have numerous a greater number of advantages than putting the sort of weight on schools that leads some to strip themselves of understudies with extraordinary necessities.

Paul Collis


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